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My collaboration with the Centovignali winery stems from a coincidence that is actually very causal; just like everything, a great wine is born from a pure alchemy made up of intuitions, taste and aroma, created with technique and careful agronomic research.

I drank Centovignali's Pentimone in Puglia and it literally struck me. Supported by a full-bodied but elegant vine. It underlines the territoriality of Puglia, through the primitivo di Gioia del Colle, making this red of excellence special on the nose and on the palate. Of great personality are equally the Indellicato, the Serviano and also the Frassanito, among the greatest Apulian rosés, which unleashes hints of rose, cherry and almonds on the nose.

Mourad Ouada
Oenologist & Agronomic Consulting

The CENTOVIGNALI brand is a tribute to places and tradition.

Its etymology goes back to the historical events of Sammichele di Bari, once Casa Vaaz, and its first hundred houses, the vignali, characterized by a vine branch on the door.

Wine & Oil


25 hectares with a new espalier system dedicated to a great historical vine from the south, the Primitivo.
The tradition and the ancient peasant culture also inspire the production of the precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% coratina cultivar.